What is a tummy tuck?

Due to factors such as advancement of age, frequent weight loss and gain, childbirth, fat can be deposited in the middle and lower abdominal area, sagging skin and tears can sometimes be resistant to diet and exercise. However, if the skin's elasticity has been deposited in the fat area and the abdominal muscles are slack, the skin and fat deposits can be removed with a 'mini tummy tuck', abdominal muscles can be corrected and tears can be treated. If the skin has lost its elasticity, is slack and the abdominal muscles are slack, a 'classic tummy tuck' is required. The skin and fatty tissue under the skin deposited in the lower and upper area of the navel is removed and tightened downwards. A fine scar remains along the abdomen in the bikini area and the brook button is formed again. During the same procedures, fat deposits can be removed by means of 'liposuction' if necessary.

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