Teeth whitening

What is whitening?

Over time, tooth color changes for a number of reasons. Whitening teeth, also called "whitening", helps to make teeth lighter again. Medications such as nicotine, antibiotics, caffeine, or even too much fluoride can cause stains, so that the individual tooth color darkens with age.

Office bleach

It means "teeth whitening in dentistry". This is the teeth whitening procedure performed by the dentist. The sessions vary depending on the patient. You can tell an immediate difference from office bleaching. Experience shows that discolored teeth can be whitened with just a few nuances in a very short time using this whitening procedure. In office bleaching, the bleaching material is applied to a single tooth or a row of teeth and then increases the effect through exposure to light.

Bleach at home

Home bleaching is the process of making splints for the patient. Bleaching gel is poured onto these rails. Although this method is done at home, it is regularly checked by the dentist. It takes a year or two. It depends on whether you drink too much coffee, or whether you drink tea or not. In addition, home whitening is done every three to six months to make it last longer.

Can someone whiten their teeth?

Pregnant or breastfeeding women are generally not recommended for bleaching like children and adolescents. Only from the age of 16 when the tooth enamel is fully mature.

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