The most significant surgery for weight loss in most patients is that Stomach obstruction. The lower part of the StomachWhich remains almost identical to its original shape, is like an S or short sleeve that measures up to 1.5 pounds. There is also no such intestinal bypass as it is in the bariatric surgery gives. So the absence of a bowel reduces the risk of more serious, long-term complications, including bowel patches, vitamindefects and ulcerations.

How Does Stomach Strain Work?

During the procedure under general anesthesia at the doctor, an incision is made in the umbilicus, where the stomach skin is removed to create a reduced size. Then the top half of that small area is sewn in two sections on the side after removing the first. Another part that can be removed is the hypochondrium, or speech box, which creates the typical intestinal tones. The surgeon can also remove the lymph nodes and some of the fatty tissue that cannot be used. The second is sewn into the abdominal area.

If those surgery has no complications, there are no major problems. However, if you have a severe malabsorptive problem, you should be careful not to take large numbers of vitamin B12 supplements or any other dietary supplement for several months. This could lead to dumping syndrome, in which you feel uncomfortable and often start vomiting after vomiting, even after eating a little. Dumping syndrome can happen even if your doctor suggests taking a small amount of vitamin B12, so it is best to check with your doctor before one surgery to check.

The benefits of one stomach reduce the fact that you lose a large percentage of your excess weight and you will return to normal health in a relatively short period of time. These surgery however, it also has some significant long-term complications. It is possible to develop small, marginal ulcers in the surgical area. These can be caused by the sutures and may require subsequent procedures for treatment.

On a strict liquid diet, it is very important to seek advice from your surgeon when in doubt that you will be able to follow your new diet. Your surgeon can advise you on whether you are making the right changes to your diet and lifestyle changes, and whether it is right for you. If you decide to do the stomach dismantling or stomach- Advance banding surgery and have doubts about your suitability to make the changes, then speak to a surgeon right away. By consulting with your surgeon before doing the surgery you can be sure that the treatment is right for you and that you will not experience any adverse long-term effects.

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