The gastric balloon is a non-operative, endoscopic-interventional method for the treatment of obesity. In contrast to other procedures in the field of bariatric surgery, the gastric balloon is characterized by the fact that no scars are formed.

As part of a simple gastroscopy, the gastric balloon is introduced into the stomach via the esophagus under short anesthesia and then filled with a blue-colored saline solution (400–700 ml). The balloon is inserted relatively high up in the stomach and functions as a "placeholder".

As a result, only a small part of the stomach is available for food intake, while the greater part of the stomach is excluded from direct food intake.

The patient can only eat small meals because the stomach is filled quickly.

The gastric balloon remains in the body for 6–12 months and is then removed with a simple gastroscopy.

Which patients are eligible for gastric balloon surgery?

In principle, only patients who are too overweight for a diet alone, but who do not yet need a gastric band or another surgical procedure such as gastric bypass surgery to reduce their weight, are eligible for treatment with the gastric balloon.

With a body mass index (BMI) in the range between 28 and 44 - in special cases also 25 to 46 - the gastric balloon can be used.

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