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It is intended to regain a functional appearance by applying it to the tissues that have lost their function, whether congenital or later. In aesthetic surgery; The aim is to make the body image look more beautiful and healthier. The problems here are aesthetic rather than medical.


Body aestheticsin the body It's the elimination of operational and visual problems. In this regard, people who believe that there is an aspect of their body that for some reason they don't like can apply to this method. Every woman and every man is beautiful and esthetic has a desire to have a flawless look from an angle


Aesthetic tooth Medicine usually laminated teeth and ceramic restorations made without the use of metal. Especially orthodontic gums aesthetics It is one of the main treatment methods in the treatment. With orthodontics teeth Proper arrangement prevents unnecessary cutting of many teeth to make porcelain.


Hair transplantation is the transport of hair follicles from the chest, leg-arm and genital area-parts of the body, especially from the back of the head near the neck, to the area where the hair is shed. In hair transplantation, hair follicles on the back of the head are more preferred. 


To help patients classified as obese, they measure their body mass index, or body fat ratio, the digestive system surgically intervene "Obesity surgery“Or” bariatric surgically"It is called.


Facial aestheticsfaceoccur in the neck and décolleté area esthetic is the common name for operations. face in your aesthetics, face Stretch, stretch neck, face Raise your nose aesthetics, Lip aesthetics ear aestheticsaround the eyes aesthetics, Raise eyebrows, chin aesthetics such operations are included.

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