Diet according to sleeve stomach

For the success of Sleeve stomach it is of great importance that the patient adopts a new lifestyle, created in collaboration with metabolic and endocrinologists Nutritional program complies with and regularly takes nutritional, vitamin and mineral supplements as needed.

Although a special program is created for each patient, the following principles are fundamentally important in postoperative nutrition:
Protein will be the most important nutrient in your from now on nutrition be. You need to consume around 60 grams of protein per day (e.g. 1 serving of chicken, turkey, fish, or 1 serving of low-fat cheese).

Be careful not to skip meals. Eat at least 3 main meals a day. It would also be advisable to have 2 snacks. This will not overload your stomach and help your metabolism work faster.

After gastric sleeve surgery, always take your meals at the table by setting a table. Allow at least half an hour for the main meals. Never eat on kitchen tables, in front of the television or computer.

Prepare your meals in both small and small portions. Use small plates and small cutlery to avoid overeating. Eat your food very slowly and chew it thoroughly. Do not serve dishes and pots on the table and never take the second serving.

Drink at least 6-8 glasses of decaffeinated, calorie-free and still non-carbonated drinks. Do not drink anything for half an hour before meals. This way you will avoid nausea.
Exercise after Sleeve stomach

A regular exercise program under expert supervision is known to play a role in the success of bariatric surgery and speed recovery. However, it cannot be easy to introduce such a program for people who have not been in the habit of exercising before. Exercising can be easier as the extra weight is lost and the person does the exercises that they like.
Though one for each patient special program are the following principles when exercising after the Sleeve stomach-OP important.

Never start exercising without your doctor's approval. And tell him about all the exercises you want to do.

Exercise 3 months after surgery, starting slowly and never doing any longer than recommended or other exercises or movements for fear of losing weight quickly.

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