With the help of the method we use during the Vaser Lipo, we inject some liquid into the fatty tissue to inflate it. Through the use of a special cannula that we apply from the outside, a kind of ultrasound energy is delivered to this particular region. This sonic energy causes an explosion in the puffed fats, which eventually turns from a solid to a liquid. As a result, fats melt homogeneously using this vaser technology.

After the locally centralized fats under the skin surface have completely melted down using this ultrasonic liposuction and converted into a liquid state, these liquefied fats are removed with special cannulas.

This way, post-operative recovery is much faster and the ultrasonic energy technology we use does not damage the vessels. With laser technology, there is less bleeding, especially when we are doing large amounts of liposuction. In addition, the vaser technology applied to the surface tightens the skin.


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