How much weight can we lose with gastric sleeve surgery?

It is possible to lose 60 % of your excess weight 5 years after gastric sleeve removal. The Gastric sleeve surgery is just as effective as that in terms of weight loss Gastric bypass and the resulting malabsorption is stomach less than the bypass procedure. For this reason, it is important to take vitamin and mineral supplements after stomach reduction surgery. If the stomach reduction loses its effect in the long term, bypass is used as a new surgical method.

According to studies, the weight gain after surgery is around 15 %. Close follow-up care is of great importance in order to prevent the operated patient from gaining weight. At the same time, operated people are accompanied by an obesity team consisting of psychologists and nutritionists. This method is aimed at avoiding factors that can cause the patient to gain weight or adversely affect their health.

Gastric sleeve surgery & nbsp; Is the Operation Risky?

The gastric sleeve operation, which is one of the most important surgical interventions, carries risks like all major surgical interventions. Although life-threatening complications can occur in rare cases, a surgical team should intervene immediately.

The surgical risk increases in direct proportion to the age and weight of the patient. However, it would be useful to remind you again that stomach reduction surgery is one of the operations with the lowest risk of death. Because the risks associated with obesity are much higher than the risks of surgery. Risks such as fatty liver, kidney disease, diabetes or high blood pressure are minimized in people who have been operated on.

What happens after gastric sleeve removal Operation Please note

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Sleeve stomach surgery can develop their full effect, it is extremely important for the patient to adhere to the diet program and to pay attention to nutrition and vitamins. and minerals regularly as needed. At this point, you should stick to a personalized nutritional program created in collaboration with metabolic and endocrinologists. To strictly adhere to your doctor's recommendations and schedule; It is important that you do not take any vitamin, food, or drug supplements without your doctor's knowledge.

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