What is Upper Eyelid Sagging?

The upper eyelids are a structure of mucous membrane, muscles, cartilage and skin that also protect the eye and keep it moist and hydrated. The Corrosive Effects of Time; Upper eyelids are manifested in the form of sagging. A sagging of the eyelid manifests itself in the form of excess skin in the early phase. This excess creates a particularly aesthetically problematic appearance, but usually does not lead to a loss of function. In the later stages, the levator muscle sags, lifting the eyelid, causing problems such as decreased visual field, loss of attention, and uncontrolled sleepiness. What is the aesthetics of the lower eyelid? The main problem seen in the lower eyelids; Skin problems such as sagging / herniation under the eyes and accompanying wrinkles and dark discoloration lead to a state of constant fatigue and negative energy in the person.

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