What is a crown?

A dental crown is a dental prosthesis in which an artificial crown is placed over the defective tooth like a cap. It is used when the tooth is so destroyed that it can no longer be saved with a tooth filling.

What is the use of the crown?

The teeth look perfect thanks to the crowns. Too much smoking, coffee, black tea discolor the teeth or too little fluoride can make the teeth more yellow. In such cases, crowns can be attached to these teeth without damaging the teeth. Due to the material, no color deposits adhere to the tooth crowns.

Porcelain crown

Are made by a professional dental technician laboratory. The porcelain crowns are made from durable porcelain. For a beautiful and attractive smile, the porcelain crowns are cemented into the front of the teeth. With the porcelain crowns you can give your smile a new shape. Repairs worn enamel, cracks on teeth.

What is Periodontology?

The area of responsibility of a periodontist is the treatment, prevention and follow-up of periodontal diseases. Periodontitis is an inflammatory tissue surrounding the tooth and especially the jawbone caused by bacteria. After the pre-cleaning of the gingival pockets, the main goal of the periodontal treatment is to remove the so-called BioFilm, which contains the periodontal bacteria.

Advantages of zirconium crowns, gold crowns, porcelain crowns are listed here. Zircon is a material that is often used in dentures. The zircon replaces the “upper part”, i.e. the crown of the tooth.

Advantages of zirconium crowns


* Aesthetics / similarity to the natural tooth

* Biocompatible

* well tolerated
One of the greatest advantages of zirconium dentures is aesthetics. It is very important that the front teeth look natural. The core of the crown is milled and blinded until it optimally matches the patient's natural teeth in terms of appearance.

The crowns are made at very high temperatures and are almost indestructible and have no negative impact on the body. Since this material is biocompatible, there are no problems in the oral cavity.

Advantages of gold crowns and porcelain crowns over zirconium crowns

The gold crown was used for many years and had no negative effects on the body, because of its aesthetics, the gold crown is no longer preferred. Because the gold crown doesn't look natural. The porcelain crown is also no longer preferred, as the substructure is made of metal and therefore does not look natural.

The zirconium crowns are much more stable than the porcelain crowns. This makes zircon ideal for dentistry. The crowns are manufactured using CAD-CAM technology. These crowns are manufactured using computer-aided technology and these crowns are five times more stable than porcelain crowns.

The downside of zirconia crowns is actually just the price. The price differs depending on the country.

Prostheses as tooth replacement

It is between full dentures and partial dentures. A partial denture is used when there are still teeth of your own for the attachment of a denture. If all teeth in the jaw have to be replaced, one speaks of a full denture or full denture. The simplest version of a partial denture consists of a plastic base and the teeth that are to be replaced and curved holding elements and supporting elements, the brackets.

Are there alternatives to dentures?

Most dentists try to preserve their own teeth for this long. Sometimes it can make more sense to opt for a denture. Many believe that implants are the best solution for third teeth. A classic alternative to the implant is the bridge, i.e. a fixed denture.

Getting used to dentures

You have to get used to the feeling of a foreign body on a new denture, which is usually not without initial difficulties when you have more teeth in your mouth again.

Since the oral cavity is a sensitive area of the body, it takes getting used to the prosthesis as to any denture, because the masticatory muscles initially perceive it as a foreign body and usually you have more in your mouth than before.

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