What is a sleeve stomach?


What is a sleeve stomach? The principle behind the formation of a tubular stomach is the reduction in size of the stomach. In a minimally invasive operation, the wide, curved portion of the stomach, fundus, and 90% of the trunk are removed, leaving a tubular stomach. It is a restrictive process, digestive performance is preserved. The stomach volume is increased to 85-100 ml [...]

Risks and dangers of gastric sleeve surgery

Risks and dangers of sleeve gastrectomy, or Ryss stomach, is a medical condition in which the lower part of the digestive system, which includes the intestines, stomach, and duodenum, is swollen due to the excessive production of stomach acid. This excess stomach acid usually protects the delicate lining of the stomach from injury. There are some minor symptoms associated with this condition [...]

Diet according to sleeve stomach

Feeding according to sleeve gizzards For the success of sleeve gizzards it is of great importance that the patient adopts a new lifestyle, adheres to the nutrition program drawn up in collaboration with metabolic and endocrinologists and regularly takes nutritional, vitamin and mineral supplements if necessary. Although a special program is created for each patient, the following principles must be followed in postoperative nutrition [...]

Can I have a belly stump?

Can I have a belly stump? Many people wonder about the connection between a belly stub and a sleeve stomach. This link was recently made public with the publication of a study in the Archives of Internal Medicine. This study found a significant increase in weight loss after being associated with a belly stump alone. The study […]