During human life, the effect of gravity on the aging and deformation of tissues is undeniable. Women can have ptosis due to excessive breast size, sudden loss of volume, or poor elasticity. Chest sagging is often associated with complete emptying of the chest or excessive size. Breast size is normal, but sagging breasts are less common.

What Causes Chest Sagging?

Tissue quality and genetic characteristics are highly determinative. Chest sagging occurs especially in young patients when there are no factors such as breastfeeding or excessive weight loss. Smoking is the most important external factor affecting skin quality. The effect of gravity is inevitable and a constant factor. Therefore, the continued use of bras will greatly reduce this effect. Recurring births and prolonged breastfeeding seem to be the main factors that trigger sagging. Serious weight loss is an important factor. Breast deformities are more common in women with fibrocystic breast disease or polycystic ovarian disease.

Breast lift

When the sagging is between breast size, i.e. a reduction in breast tissue and simultaneous straightening is required; The solution to this problem is eme Breast Reduction Surgery. Since each breast reduction operation restores the level and shape of the nipple at the same time, it is a vertical operation. Breast prosthesis use and erection surgery should be done together if sagging is associated with a small breast or involution. This process can also remove asymmetries and differences in size between breasts and is known as "augmentation mastopexy". Various techniques are used in breast lift surgery. In our preferred method, the breast tissue is not touched in any way and all functions are retained post-operatively. In addition, the inner bra structure, which is made from subcutaneous tissue during the operation, ensures that the breasts stand upright for a long time. Sagging breasts with sufficient breast tissue are rare. In such patients, it is recommended that a breast implant be placed, albeit with a small volume, in order to maintain the upright shape in the medium to long term. The shape and properties of the implant to be chosen should be discussed and discussed between the patient and the doctor before the operation. The presence of diffuse fibrocystic disease in the chest; The postoperative loss of volume in the breast tissue is very small, resulting in a hard and resistant form that is provided by fibrocysts. In these patients, only erectile surgery gives extremely good results.

Is Breast Lift Surgery Trace?

Is there a scar from the breast lift?

In general, breast lift surgeries are tracked surgeries. However, it can be said that if a good scar is retained, the scars are unclear on average within 2 years. These traces never bother the person. It should be known that patients with a predisposition to hypertrophic scars may develop scars of varying degrees. In rare cases, when the nipple sags only a little; The incision around the nipple can be made vertically (periareolar mastopexy) and without a scar. Periareolar mastopexy is not a very effective method because it can enlarge the areola later on.

How is it before and after the breast lift?

If smoking is required prior to this surgery, smoking must be stopped completely before 3 weeks. If the patient wants to lose weight, this stage should also be done before the operation. Because a postoperative weight loss of up to 8-10% of the body weight leads to serious deformations of the breast. The breast lift is performed under general anesthesia. The operating time is between 2 and 3 hours, depending on the procedure. No apparent pain is expected after the operation. However, it is recommended that the patient stay in the hospital for a day, both in terms of compressing the ice and in terms of bleeding monitoring. The patient returns to normal life within a week - 10 days after the operation. However, it is limited to a few conditions that can act directly on the breast for an average of 8 weeks

Breast lift

Of all cosmetic surgeries, the operation increases the patient's self-esteem the most and has a direct impact on the quality of life.

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