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Your health is important to us

We plan and implement everything for your comfort and health.

As soon as you land at the airport, we will greet you in our VIP vehicle.

Özlem Milik

My name is Özlem Milik. Who am I and what am I doing? I accompany you in your life 2.0.  My task is to accompany you, to protect you and to be by your side in this moment.  Whether obesity or WHO (recovery operations), you can trust me and I will make your stay in the clinic easier for you. I will accompany you in the preparation and together we will look for the best flight for you. You will spend the entire stay with me. You will never be on your own. Service comes first.  Ask me questions, tell me your story and we'll both walk the path 2 together.


We are constantly evolving to provide better service every day. The certificates and awards we have received are proof of that. Your satisfaction and the services you receive are very important to us. We will always work for your happiness.

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You can get answers to all of your questions by contacting us.